Church Of The Essence
The Church of the Essence classes have had a major impact on my life. For a long time I have been a very logical, mathematical, left-brain person. When I signed up for the Phase I class, I was skeptical but curious, and I was very vocal about my doubts. The ministers who taught the classes listened to my judgmental comments and concerns, were open and patient with me, and I ended up learning a great deal from them and from the other students. I went on to complete all of the classes.

Through the Church of the Essence classes I have learned that everyone is intuitive, and that includes me. I have become more centered in my body, and now I use my intuition daily and in all areas of my life.

The biggest change I’ve noticed since I started the classes is that my self esteem has increased. This is not something I expected, but now that I’ve experienced the change, I am thrilled! Intuitive skills were not valued in the environment I grew up in, and so I ignored that part of myself. Through the process of taking the classes, I gradually welcomed my intuitive side into my life. Now I use my intuition in partnership with other aspects of myself, including my mathematical mind, and I feel more balanced, more complete and more at home.

Through opening up to my intuitive side, I gave myself permission to be my true, whole self. I am my old self plus more, and I like my life and myself more than ever!


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