Church Of The Essence
Our Ministers
The Ministers have been trained is accordance with the information provided in the core classes, advanced classes and minister classes, completing the 200 hour plus requirement, and have been ordained under the guidelines of the organizations doctrine, structure and code of ethics.

Each minister brings their own uniqueness to the organization and the weekly spiritual circle gatherings.

In addition to Church functions each Minister works independently doing Intuitive Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and teaching the Church Classes as well as their regular professions. For additional information on the different services the Ministers provide, please see our Ministers Practices page.

Rev. Ray Eyrich

Minister of Church Of The Essence since 1998. Ray has been intuitive since childhood, has a wonderful sense of humor and his purpose in life is to help people to help themselves, helping them find their own personal connection to Universal Consciousness. He has worked part time as an Independent Care Provider for the elderly and disabled. He also is an Intuitive Psychic Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Teaches the Church Classes, a Certified Massage Therapist, and conducts Wedding Ceremonies. He also does presentations for other spiritual groups and organizations.

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Rev. Grace O'Mara

Minister of Church Of The Essence since 2001. Grace has been an intuitive all her life and as a young girl she remembers her mom asking ”who told you that”? She always had a gift with spirits or curse as some may say and heard & dreamt about spirits.

Started as an animal intuitive, as she has many fur and tow legged beings at home. Helps to know what their likes & dislikes are. Her special gift is spiritual mediumship, which she enjoys and has helped in numerous murders & missing persons cases and does memorial services and grief counseling along with psychic readings and weddings. She is very comfortable with the other side and helps lost or stuck spirits go to the light.

To schedule an appointment (Now living in Michigan). For further information Email

Rev. Charles Bishop

Minister of Church Of The Essence since 2001, Gifted Hands on Healer and Intuitive, Body energy work, Bowen Practitioner, Massage therapist, Gifted Channel and Creative Writer for the Divine Source/Great Creator. Compassionate heart. Teaches the Church Classes in Placerville.

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Rev. Rob Clinton

Ordained as Minister of Church Of The Essence July 2016, Robert is active in a men's group, which he leads on occasion. He has sat in circles that teach shamanic rituals and practices. A certified Moon Water Practitioner. Completed The Standard and Advanced classes at Church of the Essence and is excited to be a Minister with the Church and happy to be of service.

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