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ARCHER CHIROPRACTIC - Dr. Matt Archer guides patients in health transformation. Most issues, disease and inflammation are caused by reactions to four common foods, blood sugar issues, intestinal dysbiosis (parasites, bacteria, etc) and the associated vitamin and mineral deficiencies. He has created a breakthrough in Applied Kinesiology causing accurate and reproducible manual muscle testing. Patients get immediate feedback about dietary, structural and emotional issues which facilitates understanding and lasting transformation of the spectrum of health issues. 707 Zion Street Suite A, Nevada City, CA 95959 - 530 265 3095

THE SIERRA CENTER FOR MEDITATION AND WELL-BEING is a community center that encourages persons of all traditions to gather together in a spirit of peace and healing for the self, for our community, and for the world at large. Our Practitioners offer personal consultations and various wholistic healing modalities. We sponsor community meditations of diverse milieus. Classes, workshops, and special events are held throughout the year. The Sierra Center For Meditation And Well-Being is dedicated to serving as a community resource to encourage the laypersons experience of meditation, and to elicit the joys and benefits that this practice brings. "We Welcome You All With Love" For more information and to confirm each weekly meeting, please contact Prajna at 530-274-1405

INSIGHT DIRECTORY is a community resource directory of MInd-Body-Spirit Healing Arts Practitioners in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, including Auburn, Grass Valley and Nevada City, CA. The website has an on-line directory, event calendar and articles by local practitioners.

JACOB GRISCOM, CAS - "Peaceful Living Holistic Healthcare Center offers ayurvedic lifestyle consultations and counseling, herbal medicine and health supplements, and Nonviolent Communication training and mediation for individuals, couples, and groups. Holistic healthcare that addresses your unique physical, psychological, and spiritual health needs. Peaceful Living Holistic Healthcare Center, 200 Providence Mine Rd. Ste 210, Nevada City, CA 95959, Direct: 530-478-0729, Scheduling: 530-265-9464, Fax: 530-852-0880, Teaching Faculty: California College of Ayurveda, Sign up for the monthly Peaceful Living E-newsletter and get relevant Ayurvedic health information you need to know."

YAHDI BECKWITT is an instructor in Integrated Awareness, Somatics in the tradition of Thomas Hanns, and a non-traditional creativity coach. She brings her perspectives as a poet, musician, and artist into her sessions and classes, to help clients and students deepen the process of connection with the innate joy of their essential selves. She emphasize simplicity, compassion, humor, and body-centered integration of lives stresses as ongoing doorways to expanded well-being. She offers sessions and cyclic classes in Grass Valley/Nevada City. Other locations and phone consultations by request. Email or 530-292-9137 or 530-277-9135

YOU are being invited here to experience another reality... The reality of thoughts, words and surreal images that are hidden from you within your own mind.

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