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Church Of The Essences Core Classes

Now is the time to integrate our human energy and consciousness with the rest of the Universe.

We’ve all talked about the Light and Dark, the Good and Bad and the Right and Wrong, but a very few talk about transforming that Dark side into something more compatible. Energy is energy and it vibrates in all directions and you can Not remove what we call negative from the balance of any energy. It’s time to put our human where our spirit is.

Information is coming through much faster and in more numerous ways than ever before.

If you connect with any of this then contact me through the Church Of The Essence website. Group size is limited to six people until a larger space is available.

This will be held weekly for approximately 3 hours (day & time to be announced) and will continue as long as there’s enough people determined to practice on their own evolvement and helping the evolvement of humanity.

This is a continuous study and manifestation on evolving the human consciousness. The focus is on our personal healing.

Awaken to your true self and discover or rediscover the abilities that await the awakening of your own personal truth within. Expand your abilities so you can better cope with everyday life from a more grounded and centered state of being. Our Ministers are trained to present this information and each work independently to help individuals accept and reunite their personal connection to God and the Universe.

Essence information gives you tools that will help you discover your True Self. You will become more in touch with your self and remember to recognize and realize those things that may limit you from living life to its fullest. These techniques also help you to be a responsible Intuitive Psychic Reader who can assist others as they search for their true self. This information is offered in two different formats as outlined below. We believe that sharing this information will help to continue bringing Light and Peace to the earth. Making the commitment for your self and allowing the powers that Be to make it happen for you is the first and most important part in this series.

Church attendance is not required to attend classes.

Personal Empowerment Series

This a 24 Week Intensive series condensed from the original Core classes in concentrated 3 hour workshops formatted to cover many different topics and are accumulative, building on the foundation, growing and expanding with each additional week.

The information for this series is channeled, which enables it to be tailored every week for each individual and group and is designed to help people identify, develop and live their own sense of inner being. Tools are introduced for the beginner through the advanced in enhancing and improving your spiritual foundation working through grounding, guides, chakras, and opening up intuitively plus a whole lot more. It has been our experience over the years that personal information comes through for all in attendance as well as new ways to view your present knowledge and beliefs. The human can and sometimes does make the simplest the most complicated, so one of the goals is to help you stop working so hard and just allow your self to be the natural spirit you are already.

.........Classes are Schedule to begin May 3, 2017......... 7 pm to 10 pm

For further information or to sign up for class contact Rev. Robert Clinton Click or call 530-863-6385

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