Church Of The Essence

Church Doctrine

  • We of the Church acknowledge Universal spirit, which is Love.
  • We affirm that every person experiences Universal Spirit in his or her own way.
  • The purpose of our lives is to work within ourselves and with others to continually expand our unique experience of Universal Spirit.
  • Our further purpose is to live within the community of Earth in a manner that promotes love, healing and peace for all beings.
  • We are the oneness of all people.
  • We understand that body and soul form an integrated Whole.
  • The Church seeks to be a center of Light, Helping ourselves and others to experience Universal Spirit and to help raise the energy of this planet.
  • We work to create a supportive place for healing by transforming negativity and judgment and by opening to the power of the heart, which is Love.
  • We cultivate openness, Love and the Truth as tools for working towards our purpose.
  • We profess the evolution and immortality of the Soul.
  • We assist people to tune into their spiritual guidance.
  • We acknowledge free will and teach responsibility for creating our bodies and our lives.
  • We train people to develop their innate intuitive ability, which we all have, as a tool for spiritual growth.
  • We understand that the body and soul uses earth energy and divine energy to heal itself.
  • We help people open up as channels for healing energy.
  • We hold that all life is sacred and that our work is to strengthen the bonds among people with love, while refusing to support or join actions that cause separation, destruction, or death.
  • During time of war or violence, our task is to work for healing and unity rather than participating in death or destruction. We nourish our stand for peace and against war at all times by contacting the peace within our hearts.
  • Individual members of the Church seek their own truth and assist others to do so.

Church Structure

Church of the Essence was incorporated in Nevada City California in 1980 as a religious corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law primarily for religious purposes even though we have no affiliation with any specific religious organization. Ministers were ordained among those who had studied with the group since 1975, and a class structure was created to teach others.

The Board of Directors is composed of the ministers plus a Lay advisor. The ordained ministers may perform ceremonies of life, teach classes, counsel, and give readings. Those who wish to become ministers must complete the Core Classes and the Advanced Classes, participate regularly in the work of the Church, and demonstrate, by their dedication, competency, and integrity, and willingness to fulfill the responsibility of this position.

Our annual meeting is held in June. At this time, the financial report is made available, officers are installed, and members may make recommendations to the Board. This is also a time to celebrate together the work of the Church.

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